Taco Bell’s Nachos BellGrande® Combo

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Taco Bell's Nachos BellGrande® Combo


Welcome to the ultimate indulgence at Taco Bell – the Nachos BellGrande® Combo. This mouth-watering combo is a fan favorite, combining the rich and savory flavors of Nachos BellGrande® with a Crunchy Taco Supreme® and a refreshing Large Fountain Drink.

Perfect for a satisfying meal, whether you’re grabbing a quick lunch or enjoying a late-night feast.

Product Overview

The Nachos BellGrande® Combo is a symphony of flavors and textures. It includes:

  • Nachos BellGrande®: A generous portion of crispy tortilla chips topped with warm nacho cheese sauce, seasoned beef, refried beans, reduced-fat sour cream, and diced tomatoes.
  • Crunchy Taco Supreme®: A crunchy taco shell filled with seasoned beef, crisp lettuce, real cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, and cool reduced-fat sour cream.
  • Large Fountain Drink: Choose from a variety of refreshing beverages to complement your meal.

This combo is designed to deliver maximum satisfaction with every bite.

Nutritional Information

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the nutritional content for each item in the combo:

Nachos BellGrande®740 Cal
Crunchy Taco Supreme®190 Cal
Large Fountain Drink0-420 Cal
Total930-1350 Cal

Additionally, the combo offers essential nutritional details:

  • Nachos BellGrande®: Contains 740 calories, with a balance of carbs, proteins, and fats to keep you energized.
  • Crunchy Taco Supreme®: Offers 190 calories, providing a lighter yet flavorful complement to the nachos.
  • Large Fountain Drink: Depending on your choice, the drink can range from 0 to 420 calories.


Each item in the Nachos BellGrande® Combo is crafted with high-quality ingredients:

Nachos BellGrande® Ingredients:

  • Seasoned Beef
  • Nacho Cheese Sauce
  • Refried Beans
  • Reduced-Fat Sour Cream
  • Diced Tomatoes
  • Tortilla Chips

Crunchy Taco Supreme® Ingredients:

  • Seasoned Beef
  • Crisp Lettuce
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Diced Tomatoes
  • Reduced-Fat Sour Cream
  • Crunchy Taco Shell

Large Fountain Drink Ingredients:

Options include a variety of sodas and other beverages, providing the perfect refreshment to your meal.

Customization Options

One of the best features of Taco Bell’s Nachos BellGrande® Combo is the ability to customize your meal to your liking:

Nachos BellGrande® Customizations:

  • Add Jalapeño Peppers (+5 Cal)
  • Add Onions (+0 Cal)
  • Add Guacamole (+40 Cal)
  • Add Creamy Jalapeño Sauce (+80 Cal)

Crunchy Taco Supreme® Customizations:

  • Swap for a Soft Taco
  • Add extra cheese or switch to a different protein such as chicken or steak

Large Fountain Drink:

Choose from a wide array of soft drinks to suit your preference.


The Nachos BellGrande® Combo is priced competitively at $9.59. This offers great value considering the generous portions and the quality of the ingredients.

Compared to other combos and individual items on the menu, it stands out as a fulfilling and economical choice for both lunch and dinner.

Ordering Information

Ordering the Nachos BellGrande® Combo is simple and convenient. You can place your order online for pick-up or delivery, ensuring that your meal is ready when you are. Visit the Taco Bell website to start your order.

Additionally, Taco Bell locations are equipped to handle in-store orders swiftly, minimizing wait times.

Customer Reviews

Customers rave about the Nachos BellGrande® Combo, praising its flavorful combination and satisfying portions.

Here are a few testimonials:

“The Nachos BellGrande® Combo is my go-to meal at Taco Bell. The perfect blend of flavors and textures always hits the spot!” –  Adams

“I love how customizable the combo is. I can add my favorite toppings and make it just the way I like it.” – Sofia

“Great value for the price. The combo is filling and delicious every single time.” – Michael

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I customize the Nachos BellGrande® Combo?

Yes, you can add or swap ingredients to tailor the combo to your taste preferences.

How many calories are in the Nachos BellGrande® Combo?

The combo ranges from 930 to 1350 calories, depending on your choice of drink and customizations.

Is the Nachos BellGrande® Combo available for delivery?

Yes, you can order the combo for delivery through the Taco Bell website or app.


The Nachos BellGrande® Combo is a standout option at Taco Bell, combining hearty nachos, a flavorful taco, and a refreshing drink into one satisfying meal. Whether you’re a long-time fan or trying it for the first time, this combo is sure to impress.

Ready to indulge in the Nachos BellGrande® Combo?

Visit Taco Bell to place your order now. Treat yourself to a meal that’s as customizable as it is delicious!

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