Taco Bell’s Cantina Chicken Quesadilla Meal

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Taco Bell's Cantina Chicken Quesadilla Meal


Welcome to the ultimate dining experience with Taco Bell’s Cantina Chicken Quesadilla Meal. This meal is a delicious combination of flavors and textures that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Perfect for a quick lunch, a satisfying dinner, or a late-night snack, the Cantina Chicken Quesadilla Meal is packed with quality ingredients and bold flavors.

Let’s dive into what makes this meal a must-try for Taco Bell enthusiasts.

Meal Components

The Cantina Chicken Quesadilla Meal includes several components, each carefully crafted to provide a balanced and satisfying meal.

Cantina Chicken Quesadilla

The star of the meal, the Cantina Chicken Quesadilla, is made with grilled chicken, a three-cheese blend, and creamy jalapeño sauce, all nestled in a warm flour tortilla.

The quesadilla is grilled to perfection, offering a crispy exterior and a melty, cheesy interior.

  • Ingredients: Grilled chicken, three-cheese blend (cheddar, mozzarella, pepper jack), creamy jalapeño sauce, flour tortilla.
  • Preparation: Grilled to a crispy golden brown.
  • Taste Profile: Savory, cheesy, with a hint of spice from the jalapeño sauce.


A side of guacamole adds a fresh and creamy element to the meal.

Made with ripe avocados and seasoned to perfection, it’s the perfect dip for your quesadilla or chips.

  • Ingredients: Avocados, lime juice, salt, garlic, onion, cilantro.
  • Nutritional Benefits: Rich in healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Reduced-Fat Sour Cream

The reduced-fat sour cream offers a tangy and creamy complement to the quesadilla, enhancing the flavors without adding excessive calories.

  • Ingredients: Cultured cream, skim milk, enzymes.
  • How It Complements the Quesadilla: Adds a cool, creamy texture that balances the spice of the jalapeño sauce.

Avocado Verde Salsa Sauce Packet

This unique sauce packet is a limited-time offering, providing an extra layer of flavor to your meal.

The Avocado Verde Salsa is a vibrant mix of avocado, tomatillos, and spices.

  • Ingredients: Avocado, tomatillos, lime juice, cilantro, jalapeños, garlic.
  • Special Features: Limited availability, vegetarian-friendly.

Crunchy Taco

The Crunchy Taco offers a satisfying crunch with every bite. Filled with seasoned beef, shredded lettuce, and cheddar cheese, it’s a classic Taco Bell favorite.

  • Ingredients: Seasoned beef, lettuce, cheddar cheese, corn tortilla.
  • Preparation: Assembled fresh to order.
  • Taste Profile: Savory and crunchy.

Chips and Nacho Cheese Sauce

A side of crispy tortilla chips served with a warm, creamy nacho cheese sauce makes for a perfect snack or side dish.

  • Ingredients: Corn tortilla chips, nacho cheese sauce.
  • Taste Profile: Salty and cheesy.

Medium Fountain Drink

Choose from a variety of medium fountain drinks to complete your meal.

Whether you prefer a classic soda or a refreshing iced tea, there’s an option for everyone.

  • Available Options: Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, iced tea.
  • Calorie Count: 0-280 calories depending on the drink choice.

Nutritional Information

Understanding the nutritional content of your meal is essential for making informed dietary choices.

Here’s a breakdown of the calories for each component of the Cantina Chicken Quesadilla Meal:

ComponentCaloriesCustomization Options
Cantina Chicken Quesadilla570Add/Remove ingredients
Reduced-Fat Sour Cream45
Avocado Verde Salsa Sauce Packet50
Crunchy Taco170Swap with Chips & Nacho Cheese
Chips and Nacho Cheese Sauce220Swap with Crunchy Taco
Medium Fountain Drink0-280Choose different drinks

Nutritional Benefits and Considerations

  • Balanced Meal: The Cantina Chicken Quesadilla Meal provides a balance of protein, fats, and carbohydrates.
  • Customization Options: Swap out sides or add extra ingredients to tailor the meal to your dietary needs.


At a price of $10.69, the Cantina Chicken Quesadilla Meal offers great value for money.

Here’s why it’s worth every penny:

  • Value Proposition: You get a complete meal with a main dish, sides, and a drink, all for a reasonable price.
  • Comparison with Other Meal Options: Compared to other fast-food meals, this meal offers more variety and better quality ingredients.

Customization Options

Taco Bell is known for its customizable menu, and the Cantina Chicken Quesadilla Meal is no exception.

Here are some ways you can customize your meal:

  • Swap Options: Swap the Crunchy Taco for Chips and Nacho Cheese Sauce, or vice versa.
  • Add/Remove Ingredients: Customize your quesadilla with additional guacamole, extra cheese, or hold the jalapeño sauce.
  • Special Requests: Make special requests like extra dipping sauces or additional toppings.


The Cantina Chicken Quesadilla Meal is available at participating Taco Bell locations nationwide.

Here are a few ways you can enjoy it:

  • In-Store: Order at your local Taco Bell restaurant.
  • Online Ordering: Place your order through Taco Bell’s website or mobile app for pickup or delivery.
  • Limited-Time Offers: Note that the Avocado Verde Salsa Sauce Packet is available while supplies last.

Reviews and Testimonials

Customer feedback is a great way to understand what makes the Cantina Chicken Quesadilla Meal special.

Here’s what some satisfied customers have to say:

“The Cantina Chicken Quesadilla is my go-to meal at Taco Bell. It’s filling, flavorful, and always hits the spot.”

“Just tried the Cantina Chicken Quesadilla Meal at Taco Bell, and it’s amazing! The guacamole is so fresh, and the quesadilla is perfect.”

Promotional Offers

Keep an eye out for special promotions related to the Cantina Chicken Quesadilla Meal:

  • Combo Deals: Look for combo deals that offer additional savings.
  • Discounts: Check for coupons or special discounts on the Taco Bell app.
  • Loyalty Program: Earn points with Taco Bell’s loyalty program and redeem them for free food and other rewards.

How to Order

Ordering the Cantina Chicken Quesadilla Meal is easy and convenient. Here’s how:

  • Online: Visit Taco Bell’s website or use the mobile app. Add the meal to your cart, customize it to your liking, and proceed to checkout.
  • In-Store: Visit your nearest Taco Bell location and place your order with a team member or use the self-service kiosk.
  • Mobile App: Download the Taco Bell app, create an account, and enjoy exclusive offers and easy ordering.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the Cantina Chicken Quesadilla Meal:

Can I customize my Cantina Chicken Quesadilla?

Yes, you can add or remove ingredients and swap sides to customize your meal.

Is the Avocado Verde Salsa Sauce Packet always available?

The Avocado Verde Salsa Sauce Packet is available while supplies last, so be sure to ask for it when ordering.

Are there vegetarian options in this meal?

Yes, the meal includes vegetarian options like guacamole and chips with nacho cheese sauce.

Contact Information

For any inquiries or feedback, Taco Bell’s customer service is here to help:

  • Customer Service: Visit Taco Bell’s website for contact details or to submit feedback.
  • Feedback Options: Share your experience on social media or through the Taco Bell app.

By covering all these aspects, this comprehensive content ensures that potential customers have all the information they need about Taco Bell’s Cantina Chicken Quesadilla Meal. Enjoy your meal!

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