Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito Combos

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Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito Combos


Kickstart your morning with the Taco Bell Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito Combo, a fan-favorite breakfast option that combines hearty flavors and convenience. Perfect for those on the go, this combo ensures you start your day off right with a balanced and delicious meal.

The Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito Combo features a robust breakfast offering:

Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito:

Choose from sausage, bacon, or steak. Each burrito is filled with fluffy scrambled eggs, a blend of three melted cheeses, potato bites, and pico de gallo, all wrapped in a warm, toasted flour tortilla.

Medium Fountain Drink:

Complement your meal with a refreshing beverage of your choice.

Hash Brown:

Enjoy a crispy hash brown on the side, adding the perfect crunch to your breakfast.

Nutritional Information

The nutritional details for each item in the combo are as follows:

Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito (Sausage, Bacon, or Steak)570A hearty burrito packed with eggs, cheese, potatoes, and your choice of meat.
Medium Fountain Drink0-280Choose from a variety of drink options.
Hash Brown160Crispy, golden brown, and delicious.
Total Calories730-1010Varies based on drink choice.

Additional nutritional information, including fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, can be found on Taco Bell’s official website.

Customization Options

Tailor your breakfast to suit your taste:

  • Burrito Customization: Swap ingredients or add extras like extra cheese or guacamole.
  • Side Options: Swap the hash brown with other available sides.
  • Drink Choices: Choose from a variety of fountain drinks to pair with your meal.


The Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito Combo is affordably priced at $6.69. Pricing may vary by location and additional customization options may affect the total cost (Tacobell).

Popular Upgrades

Enhance your breakfast experience with popular add-ons:

  • Extra Cheese: Add more cheesy goodness to your burrito.
  • Guacamole: A creamy addition to your burrito.
  • Jalapeños: Spice up your meal with a bit of heat.
  • Drink Upgrades: Opt for a larger drink size or select a premium beverage.

Ingredients and Allergens

Each component of the Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito Combo is made with high-quality ingredients:

  • Burrito Ingredients: Flour tortilla, scrambled eggs, three-cheese blend, potato bites, pico de gallo, choice of sausage, bacon, or steak.
  • Allergens: Contains dairy, eggs, and gluten. Cross-contact with other allergens may occur. For detailed allergen information, visit Taco Bell’s nutrition page (Tacobell).

Ordering Information

Order your Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito Combo online through the Taco Bell website or app for pickup or delivery. Availability may vary by location, so check your local Taco Bell for details. For more information and to place your order, visit Tacobell.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

See what others are saying about the Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito Combo:

“A perfect start to my day!” – Sarah L.

“The best breakfast burrito I’ve ever had.” – Mike D.

Share your feedback on Taco Bell’s website and help others decide on their next breakfast choice.


When is the Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito Combo available?

The combo is available during breakfast hours at participating Taco Bell locations.

Can I customize my order?

Yes, you can customize your burrito and choose different sides and drinks.

Is there a vegetarian option?

While the burrito contains meat, Taco Bell offers a variety of vegetarian options certified by the American Vegetarian Association.


The Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito Combo is the ultimate breakfast choice for anyone looking to start their day with a satisfying and flavorful meal. Order yours today and experience the deliciousness that Taco Bell has to offer.

Ready to make the Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito Combo your go-to breakfast? Add it to your order now on the Taco Bell website and enjoy a delicious, convenient meal to kickstart your day!

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